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  15 Dec 2018 Saturday
Posted by: Bogy - 2018-12-11, 10:44 - Forum: Events - Replies (2)

GM: Alistair

Locale: I forget

Alistair Reynolds - Yar
Bogart - Ya
Turd - Nah on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

I don't remember what everyone else said

Wherein we something something murder death kill

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  9 Dec 2018 Sunday
Posted by: Bogy - 2018-12-03, 14:27 - Forum: Events - Replies (7)

GM: Bogy

Locale: Alistair's

Alistair - Sunday
Avian - Thursday only
Bogy - Sunday
Turd - Sunday

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  Quest Dec 1 or 2
Posted by: Turd Ferguson - 2018-11-27, 12:08 - Forum: Events - Replies (5)

Host: Jarvis
GM: Alistair

Who can attend?
Alistair: Shizzle in the hizzle (yes)
Avianpilot: Fo shizzle, prefizzle Saturdizzle
Bogy - Eitherhizzle
Jarvis: Yesizzle
Mikee; Shundizzle fo shizzle, Saturday maybe
Turd: Fo shizzle

Wherein Mary Sue gets confused between feeling lucky and wanting to get lucky causing the universe to implode.

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  Quest! Nov 17 or 18
Posted by: Turd Ferguson - 2018-11-14, 11:41 - Forum: Events - Replies (5)

GM: Alistair
Host: Jarvis

Alistair: Yarp, more Yarp for Sunday
Avianpilot: Yarp for either
Bogy: Narp
Mikeejimbo: Yarp for Sunday, maybearp for Saturday?
Turd: Yarp

Where in Mary Sue meets a brash rough and tough man whom she is put off with at first but then soon discovers a gentle side. Will she turn towards this man and discover true love? Or will things explode and people die? Also space racists!

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  11 Nov 2018 Sunday
Posted by: Bogy - 2018-11-05, 14:42 - Forum: Events - Replies (6)

GM: Bogy

Location: Turd

Alistair - yarp
Avian - Either
Bogy - either
Jarvis - either
Mikee - Sunday, late, shit himself
Turd - Sunday

Wherein we I have no idea anymore

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